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Trump Clinton Debate: What Do You Expect?

Democrats and their corporate allies wage war against us, our country, our freedom and our lives. The Trump Clinton debate revealed the continued absence of resistance. Right now, everything about our country is unacceptable.

Google Censors Speech: Democrats Always Abuse Power. Who Will Resist?

Google censors speech and deceives Americans into supporting the Democrat agenda. What will you do about it? You probably won’t do anything. You haven’t done anything to save our country before. It’s too inconvenient.

US Censorship Intensifies

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Global elitists solidify their power using obscene stolen wealth to enslave the world. Decades of usurping media control has left information in the hands of evil people. Using positions

Democrats Hate YOU!

Days after Obama completed his latest apology tour, dissing U.S. citizens (the people he ostensibly represents), Hillary Clinton let loose with her opinion of the American people. Trump supporters, not the Republican branch of

What is a Proof? The Power of Absolutes to Persuade

What is a proof? Continue learning about logic and arguments by reading the latest installment of the TIW Logic Course. You can use a proof to persuade others to your way of thinking. Logic

Donald Trump: Presidential Behavior During Times of Crisis

Donald Trump traveled to Mexico today to meet with the president of that country. Does anybody really care about the name of the president of Mexico? Nobody here does. we only know that Mexico

Trump Denounces Clinton Racism and Bigotry

Trump denounces Clinton racism and bigotry as part of a historic speech that outlined hope for a safe, prosperous future. We have a Republican candidate for President who blames the Democrats, including Barack Hussein

Liberal Media Bias

Bing continued to display its liberal media bias. on August 16, 2016, the following headline appeared in the Bing Donald Trump news feed. “Early Voting Limits Donald Trump’s Time to Turn Campaign Around.” The

Principle of Charity

The Principle of Charity helps us choose the best possible argument when we can arrive at more than one conclusion. By deliberately choosing the best possible case, we can debate the strongest conclusion. Recap:

Three Reasons Why Donald Trump Lost My Support

Donald Trump was a shining light, giving us a faint glimmer of hope for America’s future. Finally, we had someone willing to break the mold and buck the trend. At the moment when the