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Day 74

On Day 74 of the 2,884 Days of Trump, President Trump and Vice-President Pence and their spouses attended the National Prayer Service. The Trumps also had family time at the White House bowling alley.
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Days of Trump: FREE AT LAST!

Today, America re-takes the White House from its enemies! Friday, January 20, 2017, is Inauguration Day! After 8 years of the most criminal and corrupt government in human history, the United States of America

Day 72

Yahoo, a Democrat Corporate Media outlet, reports that illegals are surging across the U.S. border trying to beat a supposed 12:00-noon deadline on January 20th, when President Donald Trump will begin enforcing American immigration


Do you feel accepted? Remember how you felt when you were accepted into your dream college? How about when your mortgage application was accepted by the bank? How about when that exclusive club let

Day 71 of the 2994 Days of Trump

Donald Trump was interviewed last night by Ainsley Earnhardt. The segment was broadcast on Fox and Friends on Wednesday morning, January 18, 2017, Day 71 of the 2,994 Days of Trump. Dissing designer Tom

Days of Trump: Fake news sputtering, but not yet dead on Day 70

Exposed and ashamed, Democrat (communist) fake news outlets continue to publish ridiculous stories, hoping that somehow, reaching dumbed-down America will be enough to stop the Trump Train. They shouldn’t count on it. During the

Day 69 of the Days of Trump

Day 69 of the 2,994 Days of Trump is Martin Luther King Day. We want to remind the world that MLK was not a good man. Read about the MLK fraud at The Beast.  Why

Days of Trump: The 68th day of 2994

On Sunday, January 15, 2017, the Trump transition team suggested that White House press briefings might be moved out of the West Wing to allow room for more than the elite fake news “journalists”

Day 67

Only six days stand between us and the Trump inauguration. As Obama, the communists, and the Democrats dangerously flail, the hope of America rests on January 20, 2017. Yesterday, Donald trump won again, winning

Days of Trump: Day 66 of 2994

Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat corporate fake news cartel continued to wage war during the Days of Trump. Truth in the Word reminds you that Democrats never accept defeat. They never go away. The