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Trump Denounces Clinton Racism and Bigotry

Trump denounces Clinton racism and bigotry as part of a historic speech that outlined hope for a safe, prosperous future. We have a Republican candidate for President who blames the Democrats, including Barack Hussein

Liberal Media Bias

Bing continued to display its liberal media bias. on August 16, 2016, the following headline appeared in the Bing Donald Trump news feed. “Early Voting Limits Donald Trump’s Time to Turn Campaign Around.” The

Principle of Charity

The Principle of Charity helps us choose the best possible argument when we can arrive at more than one conclusion. By deliberately choosing the best possible case, we can debate the strongest conclusion. Recap:

Three Reasons Why Donald Trump Lost My Support

Donald Trump was a shining light, giving us a faint glimmer of hope for America’s future. Finally, we had someone willing to break the mold and buck the trend. At the moment when the

Example of a Sound Argument, Proofs and the Principle of Charity

That argument sounds great! You might hear valid arguments coming from politics or school, and those arguments seem good. Still, don’t believe any argument based on its validity alone. Our first chapter of argument

Argument Analysis

Argument analysis gives you logical tools to evaluate what people say, putting you in conscious control over your beliefs. We’ve already spent time understanding beliefs, including their sources. We’ve also discussed changing core beliefs and how

The Danger of Progressivism: Learn Why Progressives are Bad

Progressivism is dangerous. Hillary Clinton proudly portrays herself as a progressive, but do her supporters understand what the word means? Probably not. Like all progressives, Clinton will not articulate to her supporters what her “progressive” label

Trump Beats Hillary in Polls

Trump beats Hillary in polls (again). Basking in the rapid decline of the most crooked candidate ever to run for office, Trump happily shared the news with his Facebook followers. Follow Donald Trump now,

Changing Core Beliefs: How People Make You Believe Their Way

Changing core beliefs can change your life. Do you believe that? Let’s start this topic by asking a few questions. Do you believe everything you hear? Do you only believe certain people? Do you

A Quick Guide to Buying Green Vehicles

Learn from our green vehicle guide for smart and fun shopping. Drivers who want to buy a green car make a commitment to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Shoppers should begin their