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Day 24 of the 2,994 Days of Trump

Friday, December 2, 2016 brings the 24th day of the Days of Trump. After an amazing visit to Carrier Air Conditioning in Indian yesterday, Trump pulled off a stunning “Thank You” rally in Cincinnati, OH. Days

Days of Trump Day 23 of 2994

Thursday, December 1, 2016 is the 23rd Day of the 2,994 Days of Trump. Today brings the Trump “Thank You Tour” to Cincinnati, OH. PLEASE! Don’t watch Trump on Democrat Corporate Media. Instead, watch Donald

Days of Trump Day 22 of 2994

Day 22 of the 2,994 Days of Trump was Wednesday, November 30, 2016. This was the last day of November. Mitt Romney emerged upbeat from his recent meeting with Donald Trump. No word of

Days of Trump Day 21 of 2994

Tuesday, November 29, 2016, was the 21st day of the 2,994 Days of Trump. Fire spread in the Smokey Mountains, threatening the Gatlinburg area. Also, Donald Trump spoke out against the practice of flag

Days of Trump: Day 20 of 2994

Trump’s 20th day of the 2994 Days of Trump continued on Monday as Trump steps up the rhetoric. He went on the offense overnight, saying that he won the popular vote if you take

Day 19: She steals election as he #HelpsHerHeal

Day 19 of the 2994 Days of Trump brought Jill Stein’s thinly veiled George-Soros-funded recount effort to center stage. Criminal-corrupt-traitor-murderer-loser Hillary Clinton came out of hiding to join forces with Stein and George Soros.

First ever TIW football prediction

Morning-after update: South Carolina failed bigly Saturday night, turning what should have ben a close game into a major and humiliating butt-whooping. Clemson and overrated Day-Suck Watson looked just as weak as ever, if

Days of Trump Day 18 of 2994: The Left mourns Fidel

Days of Trump continued on Saturday with the world becoming more aware of the devious nature of communist/Democrat corporate media. The Washington Times commented on the dangerous decision made by corporate media to label as

Inductive Arguments and Theories

Use deductive arguments when you intend to create a valid argument with true premises and a true conclusion. Sometimes, however, you can’t make a valid argument that proves your point, so you must use

Days of Trump Day 17

The Left-leaning BBC reported. on the 17th day of the 2,994 Days of Trump, that General David Petraeus has expressed his willingness to serve in the Trump Regime. Meanwhile, the Drudge Report suggested that